Rapid globalization and changing trade patterns continue to have a large impact on ship requirements. In such an environment, current fleets can quickly become outdated, uneconomical and underperforming. This situation naturally leads to the demand for new ships, designed for existing and future cargo trades. But no turnkey project was built in a day. On the contrary, bringing a turnkey project to life first means identifying changes, extensive market research and the meticulous development of new designs. On top of that come the necessary skills, expertise and finesse regarding financing and contract negotiation.

In order to compete with current and often cheaper ships, all new projects must fulfill a number of demands such as:

  • Offering considerably more cargo intake while using less fuel leads to lower unit cost (e.g. slot cost) than existing ships. Even at higher required time charter earnings versus current market conditions
  • Being able to successfully master environmental challenges and new regulations from international authorities, while providing the latest cutting-edge technology whenever possible
  • Having significant economical features that existing ships do not have, giving incentives for cargo holders to charter the new model
  • Achieve a level of efficiency and lower unit costs unobtainable by current ships in today’s market conditions
  • Be designed for the needs of the ship owners and charterers, not the shipyards
  • Have a solid financing structure provided by bank or leasing companies and equity the instant the order is placed  

In today’s shipping world, such combined know-how is becoming increasingly rare. The ongoing crisis has lead to a substantial brain drain in the industry.

Those still actively involved in the market are often busy dealing with the many problems the current crisis has brought with it. That’s why for them, outsourcing the research and development of the right design is an attractive way to benefit from otherwise inaccessible potential.

Welcome on Board: Management & Facts

The nature of our business is individual, personal and mostly face-to-face. That means finding the right experts for each project is crucial. In ensuring this, we build our teams on a project-to-project basis and always according to the skills, experience and know-how that particular project demands. Our in-house expertise is always combined with the input and know-how from the companies and partners who form our close network. In spite of our broad network of professionals, clients can always look forward to one person as their key contact partner. This ensures a smooth handling of all issues, as well as a consistent source of new insights and information.

Mathias Pahl

Mathias Pahl has been working in the maritime industry for over thirty years. His career has taken him from Germany, to the US, France and Brazil. Having spent many years in leading positions, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of: project development for second hand tonnage, new buildings, financing, commercial and technical management, new building supervision, ship broking and restructuring of ships in need of viable solutions.