1 - Opportunity Scouting

Identify potential ports and trades according to growth in:

  • Cargo flow 
  • Cargo volumes
  • Type of cargoes
  • Existing ships 
  • Prevailing market conditions e.g. time charter 

Based on market research, local broker and cargo holder information, etc.

2 - Opportunity Analysis of Ports

Examine specifics of identified ports

  • Geographical attributes
  • Capacity (limitations) e.g. draft, length, beam
  • Weather, tide
  • Legal/governmental/environmental regulations

Based on market research, local broker and cargo holder information, etc.

3 - Opportunity Analyses Of Ships

Examine existing fleet of ships regarding their performance and suitability in the ports identified above. Establish a list of criteria outlining the degree of inefficiency and problems of existing ships.

4 - Opportunity Conclusions

Establish a list of design criteria necessary to fully exploit the full potential of the ports and trades. Each list is based on the possibilities and constraints provided by prior in-depth research.

5 - Set-Up Project

a) Develop a complete new design in close cooperation with ship designers, brokers, cargo holders and other specialists
b) Evaluate cost of building the new ship
c) Identify the best shipyard for construction and guarantee of successful delivery

6 - Develop Proposal

Draft and negotiate documentation, as well as legally binding contracts for:

  • Construction at a shipyard
  • Financing with banks or leasing companies

and, if requested, first charter

Development of a complete PowerPoint presentation for potential partners, regarding

  • Investment highlights
  • The project
  • Market analysis
  • Investment model
  • Etc.

7 - Organize Partnerships and Contracting

Seek potential project partners:

  • Shipping companies
  • Banks
  • Investors
  • Charterers

Organize, provide legal advice, financial processing and execution

8 - Ensure Flawless Execution

Management and complete supervision of:

  • Negotiation regarding makers and drawing Approval
  • Shipbuilding
  • Timing
  • Costs
  • Payments